My name is Emilie Guerin and since an early age, I was always passionate about animals and art but I never knew where those two passions will bring me. After studying Art with a master in woodworking at college, I decided to move away from my hometown (Quebec City) to learn English in British-Columbia.

That same year I bought my first DLSR (Olympus E-410) to share the beautiful senery with my family. At that time, I thought it will be amazing to be a professional wildlife photographer but I never believe it could be possible.

Later on, I started my first business, a dog walking and dog training company. Even though I loved my business, I realized that something was missing. I wanted to be able to reach more people and help animals as well.

Since then, I decided to renew with my passion and putting more effort to my photography dream. I started photographing everyday, taking workshops and learning animal behaviors.

Things you may not know about me...

  • Born and raised in small town close from Quebec city, Canada. That's where my lovely French accent come from.

  • I studied in art with master in woodworking at Limoilou College.

  • I moved at 23 years old in British-Columbia, Canada, alone, with my backpack.

  • I being photographing for more than 10 years.

  • When I'm not outdoor photographing nature, you can find me boating, hiking or traveling.


About me