10 ways to rapidly grow your email list

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One of the most important ways to monetize your blog is to have an email list. I'm still surprised when I land on a blog that does not have an email opt-in. Your list with help you promote your new blog post and your program. Did you know that more than 95% of the people who land on your site, will not buy anything the first time they visit your site? By creating an email list, you will be able to nurture your visitors and let them know you. An email list can also help you increase your traffic by sending an email with links to your new blog posts.

If you haven’t started an email list, take a look at my blog post on how to create an email list.

After you create an email list, you might wonder how to get more people to sign to your list? Growing an email list can be challenging particularly in the beginning.

These 10 strategies can help you quickly gain hundreds of subscribers every month.

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Create a freebie

This is the most important part of growing an email list. What is a freebie? A freebie, opt-in or lead magnet is a gift you give to your readers in exchange for their email address. Think about an exchange of information. You give them a part of your knowledge that they want and in return, they give you their email address. Don't just add a note to "sign up for my newsletter" on the sidebar of your blog. That will not attract hundreds of subscribers. You need an opt-in that will captivate your readers.

Need help creating the perfect opt-in for your readers? I created a list of 45 opt-in ideas to help you grow your email list. Click on the image below to gain access.

Create a landing page

Creating a beautiful landing page will definitively help you. If you are not familiar with the term landing page: a landing page or opt-in page is designed for the sole purpose of gaining subscribers. This means you will not see links to other content on an opt-in page.

A landing page is probably one of the first ways that I invested in my business. You can create a landing page using different software, but after testing several, I found that Leadpages has helped me gain the most subscribers. They have pre-designed templates that are proven to have the best conversion rates. Marketing specialists and designers have spent many hours to create and test those high converting templates. Leadpages might seem expensive, but you could double your return on investment in no time.

Content upgrade

Most of my blog posts have a particular opt-in in link within? the content of the blog post. This can be a simple checklist that adds extra value to the post. This strategy alone helps me gain more than 200 subscribers per month. Not only will your readers like that you invested time to create an informative blog post, but they will appreciate that you created even more support, through your content upgrade.

Go to your Google Analytics and choose the five blog posts that have the most traffic. For each, create a small opt-in that you think your readers will like. You can use the Leadpage feature that will help you to create a beautiful opt-in box that will pop when your readers will click on the link or image.

Exit pop-up

Exit pop-ups have been known to be a very effective list building strategy. Don't use a pop-up that appears when someone has been on your site for a couple of seconds. A pop-up that appears right at the beginning will not only annoy your readers but will also be less effective. Also, Google recently decided to penalize sites with a pop-up that appears right at the beginning on a mobile device.

I was using a pop-up before on my site and I choose to remove it. It was an effective strategy, but with the specific opt-in that I created for most of my blog posts, I realized that I had too many distractions, and I want my blog to have as little "publicity" as possible.

If you decide to try using a pop-up, choose only one. From time to time, I land on websites where there are multiple pop-ups or the same pop-up that appears on every page. If I didn't subscribe to your offer the first time, there’s a good chance that I will not subscribe five minutes later. You don't want to make your readers leave your site sooner because you are using too many pop-ups.

Several companies offer the option of creating pop-ups. You can install the SumoMe plugin on your Squarespace or WordPress website. If you have a WordPress site, you can take a look at PopupAlly that will give you more feature.

Top bar

The top bar is another feature that I use on my website. I like top bar because they don't alter your blog design and they are very effective. You can even use a scroll down bar that will always be on the screen or a top bar like mine that will stay fixed at the top of your website.

You can use tools like Hellobar plugin or the Squarespace bar announcement feature.


The side of your blog post is another useful place to put a sign-up box. The sidebar of my blog allows me to share my more general lead magnet.

Facebook fan page cover

Not so many people use the cover of their Facebook business page. Your cover is the first thing people see before they decide to follow you on Facebook. Use this space effectively. You can add a sign-up button just below to image to encourage people to sign up for your offer.

Facebook pin to the top

Another great way to use your Facebook page effectively is to create a post and pin it to the top of your page. If you land on my Facebook page, you will notice that I use this feature to promote my Facebook group.

Facebook groups

If done right Facebook groups can be one of the most efficient strategies to grow your email list. Don't use "subscribe for subscribe" threads. I'm shocked when I see people using those threads. First, those people are probably not your ideal client and will probably not buy from you. Also, most email providers (autoresponder) charge their customers by the number of subscribers they have. So not only those people will not buy from you, but you will be paying to keep those people on your email list. It’s a lose-lose.

Instead, you want to give value to the people of the groups and give them a solution to their problem via your opt-in.

Twitter pin to the top

Twitter’s pin to the top option works similar to the Facebook feature. You can create a post that will share the links to your offer. Once you’ve published your tweet, , you can pin the post, so people that land on your account will see that post first.


Another great way to boost your email list is to create an image that you can pin on Pinterest. This image will link to your opt-in page. I have been using this strategy only for a couple of weeks, and I have already gained new subscribers from it.


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