How to deal with blogging overwhelm

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Starting and growing a blog/business can be overwhelming. Do you feel like having so many goals you want to achieve and never enough time in a day? I used to feel constantly overwhelmed by at the tasks I had to do. At the beginning of my business, I was working 9-5, and when I was home, I was working on my business until late at night. I remember waking up in the middle night and wondering how I will be able to accomplish everything I wanted to do. I was jumping from a marketing strategy to another, chasing the new idea that will allow me to quit my day job. I was tired and frustrated until I create a system in place. That system allows me to accomplish some of my goals and most importantly to quite my job.

Start from the end and look backward

The secret to reducing the feeling of overwhelm is to break down a large goal into smaller tasks. Sometimes our biggest goals seem so overwhelming; we get discouraged before we even start. After you decide what you want, the next step is to determine all small actions to accomplish your goal.

There are several ways to figure out all the action steps you will need to take to achieve any goal.

  • You can ask for someone who has already done what you want to do.
  • You can start from the end and look backward.

By working backward from the due date, you can figure out what needs to be done. This gives you a concrete timeline.

Grab a pen and paper. Start brainstorming and create your plan.

Example: If your goal is to earn $5,000 within six months, what do you need to start putting into place NOW? If your goal is to increase your email list my 1000 in 6 months, what does your plan consist of? What plan can you put together?

Write down all the main categories of tasks you'll need to achieve your goal. Underneath, write all steps for each category. Beside each step, write a number of priorities.

Example: Goal: launching my website

Major category 1: Text

  • Homepage #1
  • About page #4
  • Contact page #2
  • Service page #3

Major category 2: Technical

  • Choose domain name #2
  • Compare different platforms (Squarespace, WorkPress) #1
  • Find hosting #3

Major category 3: Graphic/picture

  • Graphics website #3
  • Compare price photograph #1
  • Create your logo #2

Convert all of the to-do items into your daily planner and do whatever it takes to stay on schedule. Write down only 2 or 3 weeks ahead. This will give you some flexibility to add a new action step if you need to. Also, some items may take less time or more time that you were thinking. The goal is to try to stay on schedule and complete the most important task first.

Determine how much time you have

If you try to market your blog/business on every social media platform, but that you only have a couple of hours to work on your business, this may not be an efficient strategy. How much to you realistically have during the week? If you only have a couple of hours and that you try to blog every day, this will be hard to spend some time marketing your blog posts. So no only schedule some time to write new articles but also time to educate yourself and market your post.

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Invest in service and course to help you move through

This is such an important point. So many people try to do everything, and they don't use services that can help them same time but also make them bring income faster. I don't say to buy several programs or software but invest in something that will bring you the greatest return.

Determine why you started your blog

Every time I feel overwhelmed, I always focus on WHY I start my business. When you have a strong reason to do long hours, those challenging times become easier. Did you start blogging to stay at home with your kids and bringing an income? Did you start to share your knowledge to help others? Why do you decide to start a blog/business? Maybe you start your business to bring an extra income and travel with your family? Write down, why you decided to start your blog or find an image that represents where your want to go and make sure to look at that image when you feel overwhelmed. This will give you energy and motivation when needed. We all need a little motivation from time to time.

Stop comparing yourself

I remember I was constantly comparing myself to every business owners. I was spending so much time on Facebook comparing myself, that an almost quit blogging. Not only I was spending valuable time, but I was also leaving Facebook with a feeling of sadness. Comparing yourself is a healthy and normal behavior. The problem is when you compare yourself so much that it suck your energy. The first step to do stop comparing yourself is to concentrate on your business. You have such a limited time during the day to work on your business so why spending time looking what everybody does? Focus on what YOU have to go, and the result will come.

Please share your secret to reducing overwhelm and achieve your goals.


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