10 powerful ways to drive more traffic from Pinterest

 Since I started using Pinterest, I triple my blog traffic. It's my number one social media platform where my readers come from.

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I can't tell you enough good things  about Pinterest. It's been one of my new strategies and I have to admit that I regret not starting  Pinterest sooner. The good part about Pinterest is that you don't need a big audience to see big results. In the beginning of last October, I decided to give Pinterest a try. In less than three months, I grew my Pinterest audience from zero to 1100 followers (that's more than 100 every week). Since I started using Pinterest, I have tripled my blog traffic. In addition, Pinterest is my number one social media platform for driving traffic.

In fact, I believe that Pinterest is the new way to search for information or ideas. Of course, Pinterest will not replace a search engine, but it is another opportunity  to consume information in a more fun way. The great thing about Pinterest is that every niche is  showcased and it's an excellent way to promote your blog posts.


The first thing I recommend is to create a business account. Although the appearance of a business account looks the same as a personal account, there are  some key differences. The first major difference is that Pinterest states that any account used for a commercial purpose must have a business account. Secondly, you are able to select a business name. The most interesting feature is the ability to monitor your traffic and engagement by using their Pinterest statistics. You can create a business account here.

Before you start pinning, an important way to get new followers from Pinterest’s search bar is to optimize your name. Choose a name that represents what you do. (Ex: Your name + title = Kate |Web design or blog name + subject = Roseland | Mother's help) Also use a keyword that your readers will look for. When people search for this specific keyword, they will see your profile in the related search.

Vertical image

As I explained in the beginning of this post, Pinterest works more like a search engine tool than a social media platform. This means you need to optimize your Pinterest account for the search engine. As you know Pinterest is a visual platform. This means that excellent  images tend to have more clicks and repins. Pinterest gives preference to vertical images. Try to create an image with the ratio of 2:3 or 735 x 1102px.

If you need help to find the right Pinterest group for your blog/business, I create a list of 100+ Pinterest group boards for every niche. Click on the image below to access the list.

Brand your account

This might not look very important, but people often decide to repin or read content based only on the image. Of course, a good title is also important. On Pinterest your images are like the  cover of a book, you don't want to be an old book that stays on the shelf. Your images should be consistent. Use the same fonts and colors for all your graphics and after a couple of weeks, people will start to recognize your brand. Also,be  careful when  using  stock images. You don't want to use the same image that everyone else using. Instead, you want your images to stand out.

Image search engine

This is an important aspect  to make sure your pin gets found on the search bar. Add relevant keywords to your pin description. Pinterest favors the pins with relevant and specific descriptions. The description should be around 200 characters.

Set rich pin

Rich pins are another important factor to increase traffic to your site. Rich pin adds more information to your pin compared to the regular version. One  study showed  an increase of 70% of traffic to their site after using rich pins. I personally think that rich pins look more professional and I am personally much  more likely to repin a rich pin than  a regular pin. Look at this example below of a rich pin compared to a regular one.
 If you want to enable your rich pin, you can found more information on how to install rich pin on your website here


Contribute group boards

One great way to promote your content is to be part of groups boards. Group boards are essentially a collaboration with other like pinners. Group boards allow you to share your pins with a larger audience. Everyone that follows the group will be more likely to repin items in that group and share it with their audience. Before you join any group, make sure to choose a group that  your ideal reader is likely to follow. It's also a great place to find relevant pins in your niche.

If you need help to find the right group boards, read my blog post on how to find and use Pinterest group boards.

Pin a lot

All the strategies above will help you gain new followers, but one strategy that works well is to pin often. I recommend pinning 25-100 times per day. Of course, I don't recommend that you  do this manually because you will spend a good part of your day on Pinterest. I recommend using tools like Tailwind or Boardbooster. You should try to keep a ratio 20:80. 20% your own content and 80% of other valuable content. Click on the image below to sign for free with Tailwind.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Clean Old Content

Do some spring cleaning once a month. Remove pins with less than four repins. Stale pins can hurt your reach and engagement. You need to repin and like pins that have a good repin record.

Promote via share threads

Use Facebook groups promo threads to share your Pinterest account or pins. This allows you to reach new Pinterest users and to find people in your niche. I don't recommend using a follow for follow approach. Most of the  people who participate in these threads don’t care about you or your blog.

Add Pinterest share button on your blog

If you want people that land on your website to pin your content, you need to put a system in place. There are several plugins like Sumome that allow you to incorporate a "share on Pinterest logo" to your images or on the side of your blog post.

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