15 emails to send to your subscribers instead of a newsletter

15 emails to send to your subscribers instead of a newsletter

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A couple of weeks ago, I saw this question in a Facebook group: What do you put in your email newsletter? This is a common question. People work so hard to grow their email list, but then what? Where do you go from here?

You might have heard the phrase, "the money is in the list" and I believe this is true. Your email list is your biggest asset in growing your business. But, you could have thousands of subscribers and barely making any money. You could also have a small list and make a good income. So the money is more in the way you engage with your list and building a relationship with them.

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Another important point is to be consistent with your email. Try to email your list every week or every two weeks on the same day (something that I'm working on it). People will know that every "Wednesday" they will receive an email from you. Set aside some time every week to create your email.

One way to keep your audience engaged and to make sure your subscribers don't leave is to diversify your newsletter content. People don't want the same type of emails that say: "read my latest blog posts" or "buy my new program". You want to captivate your subscribers and make them want to open your email every time.

1. Exclusive content

Exclusive content is always a great way to communicate with your list. People like when they feel they have exclusive content. Make them feel special by giving them an exclusive offer.

2. Story behind the latest blog posts

This can be a great way to promote your new blog post without reusing the content. Instead, share the story behind your latest blog post. Why did you decide to write about this specific subject? Do you have a funny or even sad story related to this subject? People love to see the real person behind the blog post.

3. Free downloads

A great way to surprise your email list is to send them a free download. Something that you have created just for your list. You don't have to spend hours on it but it should be useful, for example, a small checklist, cheatsheet or one-page guide. Your subscribers will be thankful for the extra work you’ve put in and believe me, they will want to open your next email just in case it could contain another goodie.

Of course, I don't recommend doing this all the time, but once or twice a year, it can be fun to surprise your followers.

4. Repurposed blog post

This is probably the type of content that I send the most often to my list. I take my weekly blog post and reuse a part of the content to send to my list. For example, taking the blog post; "15 emails to send to your list instead of a newsletter" and sending to your email list "3 emails to send to your subscribers." Add more information to those points and at the end add the link to read the related blog post.

You can also mix a section of two or three blog posts and create new content for your list.

5. Personal story

Share a personal story that relates to your blog niche. Maybe share a story that happened a couple of years ago when you were in the same situation as your followers might be in right now. Share something that left you feeling ashamed and how you overcame it.

Those personal stories are always a good way to re-engage with your list. People like to see the real human behind the computer. You can even add a picture that relates to the story. Don’t be surprised if some of your audience replies to you to thank you for sharing this story with them.

6. A video tutorial

A video tutorial is another not so popular but effective way to share content with your list and get them to know you. Choose one subject to focus on and keep it short (maximum 5 minutes). However, be sure to provide a lot of valuable and actionable tips. You don't want to send your subscribers a long and vague video.

7. Recap of weekly blog posts

Did you create several blog posts this week? Recap your blog posts by sending a short paragraph that will summarize each of your articles. Below each paragraph include the link to your post so people can quickly access your content.

Are you tired of creating content for your email list and end up having poor open rate or no engagement? I create a cheat sheet to help you improve your open rate and eventually end up with more sell. Click on the image below to get your free cheat sheet.

8. Previews on a course or e-book

Are you launching a new course or e-book? Give a small preview to your audience so they can make a better decision if the program is for them.

9. Announcement about a new program

Of course, once in a while, you will want to promote one of your program or services. Make sure that even when you are announcing your new program, you keep the email as informative as possible.

10. Behind the scenes

This can be an original way to share what you are working on. For example, how do you prepare for a webinar? Take a picture and send an email that explains what you are working on this week. Do you have a mom blog? Take a picture of your crazy day HINT: this should not be a "perfect" or staged Instagram picture. Are you someone creating products? Take a picture of your shop and give a little sneak peek of what's coming up.

11. A new free webinar or event

Do you have a new webinar coming up? Definitely send an email to your list to invite them to this special event. Your subscribers will be the first ones to register and cheer you on during the event.

12. Share your favorite tools

Share your favorite tools that you are using in your day-to-day tasks. Those tools can also help your audience. You could even be affiliated with some of those products and make an income every time your subscribers purchase the product. *Be sure to let your followers know that you are sharing an affiliate link.

13. Frequent question asked

Answering the most frequently asked questions can be another great way to help your subscribers. What is the most common question you’ve received lately? If you have one or two of your followers that have a question about a specific topic, there’s a good chance that more people have the same concern. Your subscribers will thank you for answering the questions that have been bugging them or hindering them from achieving their goals.

14. Industry news

Has there been any big news in your industry recently? Share this with your list. Add your opinion and relevant fact about this development.

15. Book review

Did you recently read a book in link with your blog niche? Why not give a review to your subscribers. Let them know how this book helps you and what you learned. You can also share your opinion about a certain part of the book. This can be an excellent conversation starting point.

Overall, try to keep your subscribers engaged by providing valuable tips and ensuring that your email is personalized. Your emails should always be relevant to your business and any program you might be offering.

What types of content do you like to send to your email list?


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