How to find and use Pinterest group boards

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I see this question often in some of the Facebook groups I follow. A lot of bloggers want to know how to join the right Pinterest group boards. I totally understand why this is a common question. Pinterest is such a great way to increase traffic to your blog post. In fact, Pinterest is my number one source of traffic. I believe that no matter your blog topic, you can increase your traffic by using Pinterest. Group boards are an excellent way to reach more people in a short period of time.

I remember a couple of months ago, I was so frustrated when I was trying to figure out how to gain access to Pinterest groups. In this blog post, I’m sharing my best strategies to access Pinterest groups to help you grow your blog quickly.

If you don't have a Pinterest account or if you need to improve your strategy, I create a blog post that will help you drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

What is a group board

Before we go any further, some of you may not know what a Pinterest group board is. A group board is essentially a collaboration board with other similar pinners. Everyone that follows the group will be more likely to repin items in that group and share it with their audience. Group boards will not only help you to find people in the same niche but can also help you to reach a bigger audience.

How to find the right board?

Find people in your niche

My best tip for finding group boards is  to see which group boards other pinners in the same niche are a part of. When you land on their page, scroll down and see which boards they are collaborating on. Group boards are easy to identify because they have a circle at the left hand corner of the square.. When you click on one of those board, you will see a description and the number of people who collaborate.

How to find and use Pinterest group boards

Look # of collaborators

Try to follow boards that have a lot of followers but fewer contributors. Boards with fewer contributors tend to have more repins. However, see what works best for you. You want to follow boards that get repins and fresh content constantly. Try to stay away from a board with less than ten collaborators or where  the only pins are from the same person.

How to find and use Pinterest group boards

Read the description and follow the rules before you apply

Click on the board and read the description. Every board is different; some don't accept new collaborators, some will ask you to follow them and email them, others will ask you to follow the board. Please make sure you follow all the instructions before you ask to join the group board.

Carefully choose the boards you want to join. You want a board that your ideal readers will follow. Look at the content: Does it contain good quality posts that match your niche?

Not every board administrator will accept you. Some don't accept new collaborators but if you want to double your chances of being accepted, write a nice email that explains why you will be a good addition to the group. Also, don't forget to add your Pinterest URL and follow the instructions. Don't apply to every board. Instead, choose 10-15 group boards and be present in those groups.

*Little tip: I prefer doing my research on a computer instead of the app. This allows me to see all the descriptions and quickly navigate between my email provider and Pinterest.

Do a search

You can also do a search in the top bar to find new group boards. Just type a keyword+group ex: marketing group. This should show you some boards you can follow.

If you need help finding the right Pinterest group for your blog/business, I’ve created a list of 100+ Pinterest group boards for every niche.

What to do when you don't have any instruction

Some of the group boards you might wish to join will not have any instructions, making them harder to join. Using Pinterest on your computer (not the app) can help you. The first person on  the list of collaborators is usually the owner of the board. Click on their names and send them a message that you would like to join the board (don't forget to add the name of the board). I also follow the board; these  two tasks can help you get to those difficult boards.

Start pinning

After you are accepted, you can start pinning. Try to pin a maximum of 2-3 posts per group in a day. Don't post all at the same time, leave a couple of hours in between.

Analyze your success

Every week I go to my Pinterest Analytics and track my success. (You need a Pinterest business profile to access to Pinterest Analytics. Read my previous blog post to learn how to create a business profile). This is an important part of your strategy.

After a few  months of being part of 10-15 groups, reevaluate your strategy. Do you have boards that don't match your audience? If so, look for new relevant group boards.

Repin other collaborator's content

Take some time every day to repin other content from the board you follow. Because that's how we can all get  more traffic to our blog -- by sharing each other’s content. I try to have a ratio of 20% my content and 80% other people’s content. You don't want to only share your content because people that follow you will be annoyed by the same content showing up over and over again.

Also, pin often during the day. Try to pin a minimum of 20 times a day. Of course, I don't recommend that you do this manually. You will spend your whole day on Pinterest. I use a scheduling tool called Tailwind. This allows me to pin often on Pinterest without spending the day there.

When it's time to start your own group boards

I don't think everyone should start their own group boards. Having your own group is quite  time-consuming. Every day, I look at the content to make sure it aligned with the board description, and I also have to answer emails from time to time. If you still want to start your group board, make sure you have a good follower base and that you have some time to dedicate to this project.

Are you using Pinterest to grow your blog/business?


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