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I always look out for additional ways to make an income. Like most bloggers, I make income from different sources. I use those websites every week, and they are part of my income. In this blog post, I will share two sources of earning, one that you don't need to own a website and one that you need a site to make money.

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Who doesn't want to earn money online?


I have to admit; I didn't believe that I could make an income from surveys. If I knew, I would start sooner. They are a fun and easy way to make money. Of course, you will not be rich by doing surveys, but you can easily make a couple of hundred dollars every month. The key to making money with surveys is to be part of several companies and to schedule some times every day to answer a couple of questions. I personally like doing surveys in the evening in front of the T.V.

The best part is that most survey companies don't only offer survey as a source of income. You can make money from searching the web, play games, watch videos.

I could probably share filthy free survey websites where you can make money, but I wanted to share the sites that I'm using every month. Before you sign to any surveys companies, make sure the site is legitimate. Stay away from sites that require an upfront fee or that promising you a high earning.

Please note that depending on where you are located, different survey companies will be more beneficial than another. I apply to survey companies that had a good reputation, but I didn't have that many opportunities for income. This is my personal list, try them and see by yourself. They are all free to join.


DailyRewards is where I make most of my income. They offer good revenue for the surveys and offer you plenty of choices. With DailyRewards, you get paid from every 30$ you make to your Paypal account. I like this from of earning, which allows you to send your money as you please.

Sign up here to receive a free DailyRewards $5 bonus.


Inbox Dollars

Very similar to DailyRewards, Inbox Dollars offer you great surveys. Unfortunately, I don't receive a lot of surveys to fill out from them, but the payout is still worth keeping this account open.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here


Probably one of the most common survey company. They have a very diversify way to earn income from surveys, watching videos, search the internet and even shopping online. You can definitively spend hours on their websites, without running out of ways to make income. From there, you will earn Swagbucks dollars that you can redeem for gift cards like Starbucks or Amazon card.

You can sign up here and receive a free $5 bonus just by signing up through this link.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is another of my favorite survey company. You can earn a good amount of income in not time. You can spend hours on their sites and never run out of surveys. They offer a variety of source of revenue from surveys, watching videos and even to register to great offers. With Cash Crate, you get paid after you reach your first 20$ which that can easily be reached. The best part of this company is that you get paid through Paypal or by check.

Sign up for free Cash Crate here

Cash Crate


I recently join them, and you can redeem your point for their rewards catalog which offers Starbucks card, prepaid visa card, PayPal funds or Amazon gift card.

Sign here for I-Say

My survey

My survey is a great Canadian online marketing company. This was the first survey company I joined, and I still use them frequently. You can earn points and redeem them to different companies like PayPal or Starbucks gift card.

Sign up for My survey here

Other online survey companies: Harris Poll Online, Angus Reid Forum, Survey Junkie, My points


This is probably one of the faster ways to earn an income from your blog (without creating your own content). Of course, I could share hundreds of affiliate companies, but I want to share two of my favorite one that any bloggers can join and make income.

They offer an excellent variety of merchants that you can join. Only sign to different merchants that you like and add their links to your website. If you are looking for a one stop company to work with, those two affiliates companies are a good choice even for a new blogger.


ShareASale is one of my favorite affiliate marketing network. ShareASale as over 3900 merchants from different categories (fashion, art, food, kids, wedding and much more). No matter what kind of blog you have, you can find a company that will interest your audience. After only 72 hours after I sign with them, I was already making 32 $. Not bad to add a couple of link to my website. ShareASale is easy to navigate and perfect for new bloggers. You just need a website, and you should be approved.

Sign up free for ShareASale



Another affiliated company that offers hundreds of marchants you can work with and from different categories like finance, health, entertainment, clothing, traveling and much more. FlexOffers offer significant discount and coupons you can provide to your audience. They are easy to install and perfect for new bloggers.

Sign up with FlexOffers here


Testing sites are one of the new ways for me to earn extra income. They are fun to do and pay you for every site you review.


UserTesting is the only test website that I use, and I love it. You earn 10$ per website review, and they take between ten to twenty minutes. You get to pay to your PayPal account. You will need to download a screen recorder to do those website test.

Sign up here for UserTesting

I want to hear from you: what is your favorite way to make money online?


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