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When I first started with Twitter, I didn't get it. It took me a little while to realize that Twitter could be a huge business tool. Believe me; I know so many business owners who try Twitter and stop after couple days because they didn't find how Twitter could help them grow their business. But Twitter can be a great place to promote your free offer, interact with other professional and share your blog posts.

I started my Twitter account a year ago. Without too much effort, I rapidly grow my account with more than 6700 followers. (You can follow my account here) Twitter is also my third social media platform to increase my traffic and subscribers.

Did you know? (Source: Smallbiztrends)

  • Facebook now has over 1.79 billion monthly active users?
  • Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users
  • Twitter has more than 317 million monthly active users (21 percent of all U.S. adults use Twitter)
  • LinkedIn has 106 million monthly active users
  • Pinterest has over 100 million monthly active users

Other interesting statistics about Twitter

  • 24% of Twitter users are between 13-17 years old
  • 35% are between 18-29 years old
  • 20% are between 30-49 years old
  • 16% are more than 50 years old

So, no matter what kind of blog or business you have, YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS IS ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Write a captivating bio

If you want new followers and people to engage with your brand, you need a bio. I see this too often that someone doesn't have any bio, profile picture or header. This does not look professional and legitime. You need a small bio (around 160 characters) that will explain what you do and who your Twitter account is for. Try to not only integrate things about your business but also about yourself. Also, incorporate a nice picture of yourself. Don't use a stock image or logo (unless you are a big company). People love to see the real person behind a blog or business.

Emilie Guerin Twitter account

Use the header

Your header can be a great place to promote your freebie, program/service or to showcase your personality. The header is one of the first things your followers will see so use it effectively. You can create a beautiful header with a tool like They have a particular template for your header and image.

Pin a tweet to boost traffic or subscribers

You can pin an image on top of your board. This will be the first tweet people will see when they land on your account. This strategy allows me to increase my subscribers and blog traffic.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are huge on Twitter. But what is a hashtag? A hashtag uses the symbol # to mark a keyword. This allows other users to found relevant post based on the hashtag. Using the right hashtags in your posts will lead to more visibility.

In fact, a post that includes hashtags receives two times more engagement than those without. I recommend to not use more than two hashtags per post. Studies have show that post with more than two hashtags receives less engagement. To find the right hashtags, take a look at what hashtags similar people in your niche use. You can use a tool like Twitonomy that provide you with a list of 10 hashtags of any user. Just type the Twitter user, and you will see which hashtags they are using. Also, I recommend not to use all the time the same hashtags. Change from time to time and see which one you get the most engagement.

Do you want to double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of retweets you get? Take a minute to add a picture to your tweet can make all of the difference.

I create a free Twitter checklist to help you found your audience on Twitter and grow your blog. Click on the image below to download your checklist.

Tweet often

On Twitter thinks moving fast, you need to post often to increase the chance your ideal client interact with your content. A couple of months ago, I changed my Twitter strategy and triple my traffic coming from Twitter. I started promoting my blog posts more often and incorporate more relevant hashtags. Now I tweet around 15 times during the day and share my blog posts 6-8 times. I also retweet other contents and share other blog posts. Don't forget to spread your tweets throughout the day instead than posting them all in once.

What to tweet about

This is a question that I often hear: What should I post on Twitter?

  • Share your blog posts (older or newer)
  • Share a tip related to your blog/business
  • Ask questions
  • Share a quote
  • Share a personal photo, event, behind the scene
  • Share your freebie or special offer (one or twice per day)
  • Recommend one of your favorite business tools
  • Share news in your niche or industry
  • Recommended a book or movie
  • Retweet others
  • Share other blog post and use the @ to mention the owner of the post

Participate in Twitter chats

Twitter chats are like a Twitter party. They use specific hashtags and done in a particular time. Some of the chat I participate #blogchat and #smallbizchat. You can find your industry related chat using Tweet reports. They have an impressionable list of chats classify by category and time zone.

Chats are a great way to find new followers, to interact with like-minded bloggers and to share your expertise. Most chats have several questions Q1 Q2...that you can answer during the hour of the chat using the A1, A2 before your post + the hashtag.

Automate your online presence

There are a variety of programs that will automate your online presence, use them to share your content without spending hours on social media. To increase your followers, you need to tweet often (10-20-30 times a day). For me, Hootsuite helps me manage all my social media account. The great part is that Hootsuite has a free service that allows you to manage up to 3 social media account. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Even if you use programs to schedule your tweet, you must show up to speak, respond, ask questions and make connections. Don't forget, social media is about being social, people are on social media to interact and for entertainment.


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