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You have probably heard about the importance of having an email list to grow your business. But why so many people talk about the importance of having an email list? First, you can't only rely on your social media accounts to bring you customers. Let's face it, you don't own any social media platforms. What happens if your Facebook business page closed? This has happened to some people I know and they lost all their followers.  Also, people don't go on Facebook to get information about your business, they go on social media to be entertained or to secretly stalk  their ex-boyfriends. Having an email list will allow you to communicate directly with people that are interested in your business, promote your blog or your services and learn more about your audience. Having an email list is an excellent way to grow your blog traffic and monetize your blog.

Did you know that 95% of people will not buy during the first visit to your website? So how can you stay connected with those people? The answer is your email list. Why am I so excited about showing you how to grow your first email list? Because have experienced powerful results firsthand using email marketing. I'm not the only one who talks about the importance of email marketing, I could name hundred other  well-known online marketers who use email lists to grow their business as well.

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The first thing you need to start your email list is a free offer. Some people will call the free offer: an opt-in, freebie or lead magnet. They all mean the same thing - a free offer you provide  in exchange for  their personal information (name and email address). Please don't add a form on your site that say: "sign here to receive all the updates". That is super boring and no one will subscribe to your list. The fastest  way to get new subscribers is to give something away.

The free offer can be

  • small e-book
  • guide
  • video series
  • checklist
  • webinar
  • templates
  • coupon

In fact, your free offer can be anything that your ideal client will find valuable. The most important thing to remember is is that your offer must be useful and easy to  implement. I don't want you to create a 50 pages ebook or something that will take you hours to create. First, most people don't want to read a long ebook and second, this is a free offer so give value but don't spend your whole day coming up with the content. If you want to create a PDF guide, you can use canva. This free graphic tool can not only help you create beautiful graphic for your blog, but also an e-book that you can download as a PDF. I use this tool to create almost all my freebies.

create PDF ebook


An autoresponder is a tool where the information your subscribers give you (name and email address) will be collected. You don't want to use a personal email account. You want your emails to look professional and most importantly, you want to leave your subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe if needed. With an autoresponder, you can create the first email (with the freebie) that will be automatically sent out  each time a new  visitor subscribes. You will also be able to send an email to everyone on  your list with  just a couple clicks.

You can choose from so many different autoresponder providers. Here are a few popular ones:

Before choosing one, compare their options and price points. I personally use Mailchimp, but I have to admit that their service is basic. If you want something with more options, more features you may want look at a different autoresponder provider.


After you create your free offer and sign up with an autoresponder, you will need to create your first automated email. This is the first email your subscribers receive just after they sign up. In this email, you should include a welcome message, the link to the free gift they signed for and a small description of who you are.


If you want your website visitors to subscribe to your list, you need to have an opt-in form. You can install your form at the end of your blog post, on your homepage and even on your about page.

You can create those forms with tools like

I highly suggest that you create a landing page. A landing page is a page whose only purpose is to make people sign to your offer. The landing page shouldn't have any other link. A great tool that I use to create my landing page is Leadpages. They are pricey, but if you want powerful result this is the tool you need.

Ready to grow your email list, but can't figure out how to create a high converting freebie? I create a list of 45 opt-in ideas to help you quickly grow your email list. Click on this image below to download your guide.


The last  thing you need to do is promote your free offer everywhere on your social media platforms.

Different place to promote your offer

  • Pin in your Twitter profile
  • Cover photo of your business fans page
  • Link to your Instagram profile
  • Create a blog post and promote on Pinterest

Still have questions? Let me know I'm here to help you and your questions can help others.


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