9 ways to increase your blog traffic

This is such a common request; everyone wants more blog traffic. Having more visitors mean more people subscribing to your email list and eventually more income. But, how to increase your blog traffic? You probably try different strategies: share your blog post on your Facebook page or maybe even Twitter, but you didn't receive the traffic you were hoping for.

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Four years ago, when I started my first blog, I was in that same situation. I didn't know where to share my content. I was spending hours creating content, and I had a small handful of people that was coming to read my blog posts. I was so frustrated that I almost quit blogging.

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Know your ideal client

The biggest advice that I can give you is to know your ideal customer. So many bloggers miss this important step. Not every business are the same for this matter no one will market a business the same way.

Let me explain.

I love traveling, but I don't follow any traveling blogger on Facebook. I instead follow several on Instagram because I love looking at their beautiful picture and imagine myself be there. At the opposite, I don't follow any marketing coach on Instagram, I instead follow them on Pinterest and Facebook. So it's important to know your ideal client so that you can spend your time on the right social media platform.

Knowing your ideal client will help you write a better blog post and easily attract them to your site.

Write high-value content

This is an obvious one, but so important. What is the point of having a mediocre blog? You might receive some traffic, but people will leave without signing to your email list or buying from you. I'm sure you want more traffic, but most importantly you probably want to gain followers and clients.

One way to find what your ideal client want to read, it's to ask them! Send a survey to your email list and ask them what is their biggest struggle and how can you help them. Believe me; this will give you so many ideas to create future blog posts. You can send a survey with service like surveymonkey.com. This service has a free feature that allows you to create a survey for your audience. You don't have a big email list or no one yet. No problem, you can find information about your ideal client on Facebook groups or forums. Look at the questions that they have and create a blog post that will answer their questions.

Learn SEO

This is so important to know the basic of SEO (Search engine optimization) Most of my website traffic come from search engine.

Use keywords: If you want to learn more about keyword and SEO, you can read more about how to SEO your blog posts.

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly: This is so important because more people are spending time online with their phone or tablet.

Have some links to either to some of you articles or other websites

Don't use pop-ups that come immediately after someone come to your site. Google recently started penalizing websites for this. Instead, set your popup when people are just about to leave your site. This allows your reader to spend some time on your site before you ask them to join your email list.

Longer blog posts

You might no know, but Google loves longer blog post and privilege those in their search engine. Try to write at least 1000-1500 words blog content.

Social media

Social media is a common place to promote your blog post, but are you doing it in an efficient manner? First, you mush share your content where your ideal client is. I see so many blogger sharing their blog posts on a group for bloggers. This can be a great way to gain some visibility, but if you want a significant result, you have to share your blog posts where your ideal client spends is time. If your ideal client is not another blogger, don't spend much time there.

Also, you must understand the platform you using. Instagram is a platform to share photos, so if your ideal client is on Instagram, spend some time to create a beautiful photo. Don't post poor quality pictures just to share something on Instagram. The same thing goes with Pinterest. Spend some time creating a beautiful graphic image; you will be amazed how much traffic will bring you those platforms.

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I decide to talk about podcast instead of guest blogging because this is the fastest way to gain followers in short period. So many businesses have a podcast, and they are looking for new people to interview. In less than an hour, you can be in front your audience and share your knowledge. Most podcaster will let you pitch your website and freebie at the end of the podcast.

If you want to start podcasting, you can do a quick research online or look on Twitter with the #podcast; you might find possibility there.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites are sites that allow you to share articles, blog posts images and videos. This can be an excellent way to gain more traffic. Bookmarking sites are an easy way to share your contents and can help search engine to index your URL to rank higher.

List of social bookmarking

Reddit is a very popular bookmarking site.

StumbleUpon can be a great source of free traffic to your site.

Pinterest is one of my favorite way to gain traffic and with 70 million users you have a good chance that your ideal clients are on Pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest!

Scoop.it, this site has over 1 million registered users

Be social

Be social on social media platform can help you not only connect with other people in your industry but also gain followers. If you share other people contents, that you answer questions, people will be more interested in returning the favor and to look at your website. This can be a small step, but that can bring you big results. Never neglect the power of being social.

Better share icons

Not long time ago I was on a website, and the article I was reading was so good that I wanted to share with my followers. The problem is that anywhere on her blog post I couldn't find a place to share the article. I end up, contacting the person by email and let her know how difficult it was to share her information. You can quickly add a plugin like SumoMe into your website (WordPress or Squarespace) that will allow people to share your content.

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 Hi, I'm Emilie Guerin. I help bloggers and online business monetize their passion using effective online marketing strategies.

Welcome, I'm Emilie Guerin. I help bloggers and online business monetize their passion using effective online marketing strategies. LEARN MORE ABOUT ME