5 tips to maintain a healthy email list

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You probably heard of the importance of having an email list, but what is the point of having hundred of people on your list if you don't build a relationship with them? Building a relationship with your list is what's makes a difference between a list that converts to paying clients and a list that doesn't bring you any income.

Let me share a personal story. When I started my first email list, I was so exacted to see all those people joining my community, but I was also so stressed. Every week, I wonder what type of content to send to my list and how to bring them to purchase one of my programs or services.

Before I share with you what I learn after I started my first email list, let me explain why it's so important to have an email list. First, did you know that most people who visit your site, will never buy at the first visit? So a great way to stay connected with them is through email marketing. Some statistics show that email marketing is 40 times more efficient at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey. Having an email list is a great long term marketing tool that will help you create a "know, like and trust factor" and increase your revenue.

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Build relationship with your email list

First, I recommend that I soon as you start making your list, that you start building relationships with them. Even if you have one person or only a family member, build momentum with them. The people on your list are important, so treat them with respect. They are the one you said: "I like what I see, I want to get to know you better". Be active with your followers. If you receive an email from a subscriber, answer the email as soon as possible. The person who took some times to send you an email it's someone valuable for your business.

Another great way to build relationships with them is to ask questions, interact with them. When I mean building relationship with your list, I don't mean communicating with them once or twice and disappear. Relationship building is a long term process. Some people might purchase from you after less than a week they sign for your free offer. Some people might take three months, a year to join your program.

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What to share with your list?

Stop promoting, promoting, promoting. No one wants to read emails that say buy this and that. But do you know what a good ratio between free contents and promotional emails is? The answer depends on how you feel comfortable and your audience. Most entrepreneurs will go with an 80/20 ratio (80% free value, 20% promotion) Instead of promoting your services or products, provide quality information: value, tips, advice, inspiration. Share your blog post, share content that you will only share with your list, invite them to your next webinar or to meet you in person.

Help them. What there struggles? If you are not sure, send a survey to your list and ask them. You can create a free survey with surveymonkey.com. It's pretty simple to create a survey with them, and the answers you'll get will help you create your next program, your free offer or help you with your copywriting.

It's also important to send the right email to the right subscribers. Not every email will be relevant to everyone on your list. Be sure to properly segment your list.

Be personal

Think about the emails that you usually open. Do you open those from an actual person or those generic newsletters? Be personal. Think about an email you will send to your friend. Give content and also personal inside. Don't make your emails too long. If you have too many things to talk about, split it into several smaller emails.


It's important to know what's working and doesn't work. Tracking is the only way for you to know which emails people open, which links people click on. This will allow you to improve your emails and email headlines. Most autoresponder (email provider) gives the opportunity to track which emails your subscribers open. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about your subscribers, to see which subject they want to read. Tracking can be very useful when you want to automate a series of emails. This allows you to see where your email sequence needs improvement.

Test different headlines, designs or offer. A different subject line can make a huge difference in your open rate. Experiment sending email on different days and times to see which ones work best for you. The optimal send times will vary based on your niche.

From time to time, I also do an email cleanup. Every subscriber who doesn't open your emails is costing you money. You are paying your email provider for the number of subscribers you have on your list.

Give value

You need to build a relationship as soon as the subscriber comes on your list and this starts with your freebie. To get people to share their email address with you, you'll probably give them a free e-book, checklist, discount or video training in exchange; this is where the relationship all starts. Don't come up with something fast or not putting too much effort into it. If your free offer as little or no value, why would they buy from you? I don't mean to spend a whole week on your freebie, but your freebie should reflect your business and should be something your ideal client can get results from.

My last tip to create a better relationship with your list is to BE YOURSELF. Don't be someone else; people will buy from you because they trust you.


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