12 places to share your blog post after you hit publish

Do you feel like you are sharing your blog post to the same old places over and over again? Maybe you feel like you are missing great opportunities, but you are not quite sure where to share your blog post? We all agree that every blogger wants more traffic to their blog, but we don't want spend hours marketing our posts.

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Just so you understand, you don't have to share your blog to every single platform out there. Why? Because it’s more important to choose the platforms where your ideal readers are. This is the key to an effective marketing strategy. Be present where your ideal readers are. Don't try to follow the next idea or the most popular new platform if your ideal readers are l not hanging out there.

So you might be wondering, where are my ideal readers? The most efficient way to find out is to ask them directly. You can send an email through your subscriber list, ask them on your Facebook page or Facebook groups. I also recommend trying a new platform once in a while. Try a new platform (for at least one month) that you think your ideal client might be using. You might be surprised to find new readers.

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I don't share all my blog posts with my list, but once in a while I do. When I do this, I always share it with my subscribers before I share it on any other platform. I want my subscribers to feel like they are my priority and get the best content before anyone else. If you don't have an email list or are not sure why you should have one, read my blog post on how to start an email list.


100 million active monthly users (statistic 2016)

Pinterest is usually the first social media platform where I share my content. This is my number one way of getting traffic to my blog. You can read my Pinterest strategy here. I also do this first to make sure my graphic and description look right before I share my blog post on other platforms.

In addition, I make sure to share my content to my Pinterest board that contains all my blog posts. So again, people that follow that board will receive the new blog post first.

Pinterest collaboration boards

Pinterest group boards are an excellent way to reach more people that don't necessarily follow my boards. This is how I get more shares and traffic to my site. I like to schedule my new blog posts over a couple of days, so that I am not spamming people with my new blog posts.

Facebook fan page

1.8 billion people log into Facebook daily (statistic 2016)

Another place that I like to share my content is to my Facebook fan page. You’ve probably noticed that because of the new Facebook algorithm, reaching your followers on your Facebook page can be hard. However, I still share that content there first for an important reason. My followers actually took the time to follow me and in return, I ensure that I must provide them with exclusive content before I try to reach new readers.

Facebook groups

Using Facebook groups has been one of the best strategies to not only to grow my blog traffic but also increase my email list. If you are not using Facebook groups to build your blog, you are missing out on something big. The problem that I see often is that bloggers tend only to follow groups for bloggers and share their blog on the weekly threads. This can give you a short term boost in traffic, but if you want loyal readers, then it’s important to join groups where your ideal reader is hanging out. If you are a travel blogger, fashion or lifestyle bloggers good chance that your ideal reader will not be another blogger. Follow groups that are relevant to your blog.

When to grow your blog traffic using Facebook groups? Click on the image below to access my free 30+ Facebook groups and their day-by-day promote schedule so you never miss a chance to promote your blog.


317 million monthly users (statistic 2016)

I have to admit that Twitter can sometimes be frustrating. If you think you can just share a blog post and leave, I'm sorry to say that this will not give you much traffic. On Twitter, you need to share your content often and interact with others to gain followers and traffic.


500 million active monthly users (statistic 2016)

I have to admit that I still have a lot to learn in order to gain traffic and momentum on Instagram. I still get traffic, but I know I could improve on that. If you have a more visual blog like travel, fashion or beauty, then you need to use Instagram to engage with new readers.

Google +

300 million active monthly users (statistic 2016)

Google + is one of those platforms where I haven’t yet mastered every aspect. However, every time I share my blog post there, I get several visitors. Also, I notice that when I share my blog post on Google + I find that my post shows up sooner on search engines. I definitively recommend having a Google + account no matter what niche you are in.

LinkedIn groups

467 million users (statistic 2016)

LinkedIn groups offers another place to connect not only with people in your niche but also new readers for your blog. Like most social media platforms, I don't think that LinkedIn is for every blogger, but if your blog is targeted at working professionals, I recommend taking a look at this platform.


Social bookmarking platforms like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Tumblr or Scoop.it can help you reach new readers. I usually don't spend much time on those platforms, but I see a good return of traffic especially when someone shares my blog post on StumbleUpon. These types of blog promotion shouldn't be neglected.

Comments on other blog posts

Comments on other blog posts can help you gain new readers. However, this must be done in the right way. Don't just add your blog URL and leave. Instead, use this opportunity to connect with a new audience and share your expertise. I am much more inclined to click on a link if I see the person adding significant value to the post.

Facebook live, Periscope, Quick video

With a little extra effort, you can reach at lot more readers by doing a quick informal video or live video. I think the best way to do this, is to create a video that will explain a strategy, a tip or two and encourage the viewer to crave more information to head over your blog post. I used to promote my new blog post on Periscope, but I saw that fewer of my ideal clients are using this platform., So I'm planning to do some quick videos or Facebook Lives to test a new market.

I want to hear from you. Which platforms are you using to share your blog post?


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