25 quick and inexpensive ways to market your blog

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No matter if you are a full-time blogger or juggle between your blog and your primary job, we all have one thing in common: looking for quick ways to market our blog. I create a list of quick, and effective ways to help you promoting your blog. Some of those tasks might seem small, but they can have a significant impact on your business.

One of the most important aspects of marketing is to be consistent. Don't promote your blog/business and leave. You have a show up every day in other to see results. Did you know most marketing strategies take 3-4 months before you can see results? If you promote your business once and a while, you can't expect long-term results.

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Get Social

Did you know that Facebook alone has over 1 BILLION users? So no matter what kind of business you have, your ideal client is on social media. Share your free content (blog) into your social media account. There has never been a better way than social media to get your message out there inexpensively. You don't have to be on every social media platform; the most important is to share valuable contents to your followers. *Create a business page don't use your personal profile

Fill up your social media profiles

Your social media account may be the first place people will see your business. Fill up your "about section" and add a link to your website. I see so often on Pinterest or Twitter that people don't fill out their social media profiles. The description area is your little introduction to people that just land on your profile. Make your description clear and add some of your personality.

Fill up your personal Facebook profile

List your business in your personal about page. This is important when you are commenting or giving advice to people using your personal account. This will help people know which business you represent, and they may decide to follow your business page.

Post regularly on social media

The more you post great content, the more opportunities you have to grow your fans. Ask questions, polls, quotes, pictures, tips, contests, recommendations, videos. Please be respectful of the platform you are using: you will not post as often on Instagram as you will do on Twitter.

Share your social media links

Share your social media link on your website, on your email signature and other online platforms.

Automate social media

Use something like Hootsuite that have a free service and allow you to schedule 3 different social media platform. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You will save hours if you use a social media management tool.

Create regular contents (blog posts)

The more FREE content you have, the faster you will build your reputation. If you regularly create some content that educates or inspire your audience, you'll find people sharing your stuff and following your business. Don't you know what kind of content create? Think about the questions that your audience always ask you and answer them.

Get your name out there

Where your ideal clients hang out? Can you do guest blogging? Make a list of potential websites and blogs you could approach and do an article for them.

Mix thing up

When you produce different types of content, you reach more people. Some people will prefer reading a blog, some prefer listening to a podcast, and some are more visual and prefer video. Try something different, write a more personal blog post, share your journey, your struggle, why you decide to start your business. Do a quick video tip and share through social media.

Look website with new eyes

Look at your site with fresh eyes. Does your website look professional? Are you speaking to your ideal reader?

Mobile friendly website

Most people are using their phones for internet searches. Make sure your site works and look good on small phone screens.

Look website statistics

Do you measure your visitors? Where is your web traffic coming from? If you are not tracking, you are missing out great information. Install Google Analytics will give you insights and will give you valuable information to market your blog at the right place.

Increase your SEO

The higher position in the search engine you have, the more traffic you will get. The most important part is to create regular content that readers find valuable. Visitors are more likely to share content that they enjoyed reading and will stay on your site longer. Make sure that you use keywords that people will look for. Learn how to SEO your blog post here.

Your story

Take some times to write a good about page. The About page is the second most view page after the home page. People don't just buy a product, but they buy who we are. They must be able to identify themselves with you. For the reader, the about page should feel like they just met you in person and shaken your hand.

Use your email signature as a marketing tool

Not only use your email signature to refer people to your website and social media accounts, but also you can share your new programs or services.

Do a survey

Do a survey with clients that buy your service. Why they choose your business? Use this information to get more clients.

Facebook groups

Share your Facebook business page using Facebook groups. Follow Facebook groups in your field and help people, share your knowledge with them.

If you need a great list of Facebook groups and their promo day, get my free Facebook groups promo spreadsheet with more that 30+Facebook groups and their promo day.

Periscope or Facebook live

Live event are always an excellent way to reach people. Your followers will appreciate that they can ask you questions and will create a know, like and trust factor.

Email list

One way to grow your blog traffic is to build repeat readers. With a newsletter, your audience will be much more likely to purchase from you when the need arises.


Videos are a very effective marketing tool and one of my favorite free marketing tools. Videos are easy to make on your phone or webcam. Make a quick video answering questions that your readers always ask you. You can also make a video to let your visitors know you and share it on your social media and about page. Videos are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitions and be seen as an expert in your field.

Re-use your content in different ways

Re-use your article, blog post in various forms. Break it down and use it on social media. Create graphic tips, videos, and even podcasts.


Networking is one of the most useful marketing tools. Network with people in your niche, but also ask questions and chat with your audience.

Your goals

What are your goals for this year? How much money do you want to earn? How will you achieve your goal? If you start out confused or unsure about your goals, it will be harder to stay on track or even really know if you’re on target. If you were going on a long road trip without a GPS, map or destination in mind, who knows where you might end up.


When we have a clear vision and path to where we want to go, possibilities become more real. When we become committed, we become unstoppable. What do you want your business to look like in a year? Two years? Five years?

More productive

Are you spending too much time on social media or the internet? Set a 15 minutes timer and concentrate on one task during that period. A 15 minutes productive marketing strategy is better that spending hours on your computer but not accomplish anything.

Share your quick and inexpensive marketing strategies in the comment box below.


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