10 rules to rapidly increase share on your blog posts

10 rules to rapidly increase share on your blog posts

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I see so many bloggers creating content after content and barely bringing any visitor on their website.

Are you one of them?

Don't worry I've been there too.

The problem is not the content you are producing, is mostly the amount of time you are spending on promoting your blog post. I'm a strong believer that if you found 100 people who like your blog post, good chance that another 100 or even 1000 more people will love the content as well. The problem is that they don't know you exist and that you are creating such of good articles.

The even biggest problem is that even if you spend twice the amount of time promoting your blog, you might not get the amount of traffic you are hoping for.


Because nothing will beat your readers to promote your content for you. Because each person who share your post, will make it visible to hundred of more people and if any of those people share your content again, you will soon reach thousands of people.

Recently, I created a post that got share more that thousand times within a month. I will never be able to promote that post (and all the other one) to constantly to gain that much traction and still have a life.

Your readers are the best prove that you create content that they love and that worth the time of other to come read the blog post. But, your readers will not share your content by themselves, you need to help them.

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Better headline

Did you know that 80% of people will only read a blog post headline and that 20% will actually read the content? If you want people to share your content and gain traffic you need to spend some time creating an attractive headline.

Think about all the headline of blog posts you come across in a day. Everywhere on social media and the search engine are loaded with headlines. Everyone want to attract you toward their blog post. I hate to say that, but headlines can sometimes be more important that the content itself.

Adding numbers to your headlines as be known to increase open rate. The bigger the number the more chance you have to get shares.

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Add an attractive adjective can also help. Some example of adjective can be "free" "simple" "rapidly" "powerful"

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Add an image

An image will have twice more chance to be shared on social media. Tweets with image are, on average, shared 180% more than those without. Choose a high-quality image and relevant to your blog post. This is even more important if you have a visual base business like a fashion blogger, food blogger or a makeup artist.

Share button

People are busy they don't have time to figure out where is your share button. In fact, most people will not even think about sharing a content until they see the share button. So make your share button very accessible.

I love using the Sumome plugin for my share button. Not only it's free to use but give you the flexibility to add the share button where you needed. You can add a strolling down button (like mind) or you can simply add a share icon on your image. You can easily add the Sumome plugin not only on a Wordpress website but also on Squarespace.

Include a click-to-tweet

Does your audience is on Tweeter? A "Click-to-tweet button" is a very easy way for your readers to share your content. In one click, they can share your blog post to their follower. This is another free plugin, so no reason to not use this option.

Value pack content

The quality of your content is one of the most important parts to increase your share on your blog post. Your blog post should be more personal that a newspaper article but also gives a ton of value. You want your post to give a ton of information based on your experience. You are not a journalist that gather fact, but your blog shouldn't be treated as an intimate journal either.

Share your journey and your struggle but also give information to your readers to overcome those obstacles with you.

Long blog post

Did you know that longer blog post gets in average more share? I know this is a controversial topic. Some blogger swears by short blog post. My advice is; if your audience loves your short content, stick to it. No need to change a winning formula. If on the other side, you don't see so much traction on your site, do a small Google search and see what is the average blog length in your industry.

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Well space blog post

Create subtitle and smaller paragraph will make the experience more enjoyable for your readers. A more pleasant experience, a better chance you have that people share your content. Don't forget that your audience are busy and they want to learn as fast as possible. Having sub-headlines will make it very easy for your readers to scroll down to the point they need to most help.

Well design

I don't mean be a graphic designer, but have you land on a blog and saw a poorly crafted website? Or maybe saw someone promoting their blog post and look at the image that they use and didn't even want to read the content?

For most people, a well-designed website or graphic image doesn't sound important but believe me, those small details count.

We see hundreds of different website every day if you want your content to be shared you need to work on the overall experience of your readers. Which mean, the design and color that you choose for your website should be well balanced. Choose colors not only for you but also your readers.

Of course, the image you choose for your blog post will be very important. You don't want to use blurry images. Try to choose a maximum of three colors for your graphic images.

Partner with someone

Contact someone with similar content and share each other articles can be a great way to boost your traffic. I'm not talking about being a partner with your competitor, but mostly someone with the same clientele but from different niche.

When I think about a partnership, I think about something that will be a win-win for everyone. Don't be a partner with someone that don't have the same quality content that you. You don't want to share content to your follower that you don't found valuable.

Examples of partnership

  • If you share healthy recipes, you could partner with a fitness blogger
  • If you share dog training tips on your blog, you could partner with a dog holistic blogger
  • If you blog about makeup/beauty, why not partner with a fashion blogger
  • If you blog about web design, you could partner with a business coach

How to partner with someone?

So you don't want to send an email to someone and ask them to partner with them. Most people will deny your invitation. First, you want to get noticed by this person. Follow all their social media accounts and promote the content you thing your audience will love (ALWAYS have your audience in mind).

You can send a private message from one of the social media platforms and say that you and your audience really enjoy their content. At this point, most people will naturally look at your content, maybe even follow you or share your posts. When you see this person like your content as well, you can then ask them if they want to partner with you.

Make sure to let them know about the benefices FOR THEM, not for you.

Strategically place links on your blog post

Not everyone will be at the same level in their journey. Maybe someone will land on your blog post and realize this might not be exactly what they need. If you have several related blog posts, make sure to share the link so most of your visitor can find the content they need. If they don't share this specific blog post, they might share another one that they found more valuable for their audience.

As always, I love to hear from you. What is your favorite way to increase share on your blog post? Leave your comment in the comment box below. I can't wait to hear from you.


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