How to use social media smarter (social media marketing strategy)

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 We all use social media to promote our blog and business but are you spending too much time there? Social media strategy, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

We all use social media to promote our blog and business but are you spending too much time there? Do you wish you could have a system that could cut your time on social media in half?

You probably realize that it takes more time promoting a blog post that writing one. To create a blog post you will spend some time brainstorming ideas, create a headline, writing the post and create your graphic images to promote the content. After your blog post is published, you will spend the next days, weeks and months promoting your content to all your social media platforms.

If you think you can promote a post once and gain thousand of readers, you will probably be disappointed pretty fast.

If you want to save time on social media, you need to know which platform your ideal reader is spending most of is time. You don't have to be on every social media platform (I only use three main platforms), you need to be where your readers are. I prefer that you use two social media platforms that you master than being on every social media platforms and send poor content.


With 1.8 billion people logging on Facebook daily (statistic 2016) I can guarantee that your audience is on Facebook. What I like the most about Facebook are the Facebook group communities. This is such a great place to find your audience. Every Facebook groups are separate in a different theme or subject (bloggers, traveler, healthy food...). You just need to be part of those Facebook groups that your readers follow. By been part of those groups, you will have access to thousand of your ideal audience in just a minute.

What to post on Facebook?

Most people go on Facebook to chat with their friends or to sneak on their ex-boyfriend. They don't go on Facebook for your business so you need to captivate them and send them information that they can't resist.

Facebook is probably the social media platform where you can share the most different type of content, from a video, quotes to more personal post. The only thing that you have to remember is to captivate their attention. Don't just share a link to your blog post and expect your audience to rush to your website. Create a small paragraph that explains why you are sharing this content, how this can help them or share a personal story related to the content.

Find your audience on Facebook

To find your audience on Facebook groups use the graph search on top of your newsfeed. Only type a keyword in the search box and click on the see more result at the bottom of the list. This will bring you to a page with all Facebook groups based on your keyword.

Each Facebook users can follow up to 6000 Facebook groups. I don't recommend to follow that many. The more Facebook groups, the less you can properly engage with the audience. Find a maximum of 10-30 that you like. Some groups may be to engage with your audience and other to ask questions and learn more about strategies to grow your blog or business.

Need to save more time on Facebook and to easily have access to your audience? Click on the image below to access my free 30+ Facebook groups and their day-by-day promote schedule so you never miss a chance to promote your blog.

What to do on Facebook?

Facebook is a place to connect with your audience. The best way to gain new followers and clients is to give value. Don't just share your content and leave. Answer their questions, and they will be more likely to follow you. I also never share a pay program unless it's my Facebook group. People don't like to see "buy this, buy that." Instead give free value (blog post, freebie) and add them to your email list. Learn how to create an email list here.

What to avoid on Facebook?

Don't promote your blog post if the groups don't allow promotion. This is a huge NO, NO for me. I know a mistake can sometimes happen, but take a minute to read the description and rules before you share your content.

Don't share the same post to all the Facebook groups you follow on the same day. Most of your followers will follow some of the same groups as you do and they will see your post several times. Instead, share your post one day and the next day shares it with another group. This will allow you to gain more visibility.

What tool to use on Facebook?

To save time, you can use the Facebook embed scheduler. This will allow you to schedule your posts on your Facebook business page.


Pinterest is often overlooked by bloggers and business owners when it comes to promoting their content. I started using Pinterest a couple of months ago and it's now my number one source of traffic. The great part about this social media platform is that you don't need a huge following to increase your blog traffic.

Pinterest acts very differently that most social media account. Pinterest acts more like a gateway than a social media platform. People go on Facebook to connect with their friends. When people go on Pinterest is to look for ideas, find information.

What to post on Pinterest?

As you know, Pinterest is a visual platform. This means that great image tends to have more click and repins. Pinterest privilege vertical image. I use the Pinterest template with the free graphic tool canva. This allows me to create in no time the perfect image for Pinterest. Your images should also be consistency. Use the same fonts and color toward all your graphics, after a couple of weeks people will start notified your brand.

Find your audience on Pinterest

There is so many group boards on Pinterest where you can find your audience. Group boards are essentially a collaboration with other like pinners. Everyone that follows the group will be more likely to repin items in that group and share it with their audience. Before you join any group, make sure to choose a group where your ideal reader will follow. To find the right group, you can look at one of your competitor boards (someone who have the same target audience) or your ideal readers and see what they follow.

What to do on Pinterest?

As I explain, Pinterest works more like a search engine tool than a social media platform. This means you need to optimize your Pinterest for the search engine.

Your pin description is an important part to make sure your pin get found in the search bar. Add relevant keywords to your pin description. Pinterest favors the pins with relevant and accurate description. The description should be around 200 characters.

What to avoid on Pinterest?

Hashtags are not relevant on Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest is more a search engine tool than a social media platform. Hashtags can even hurt your SEO.

Don't add text to your image with "10% off", a price or "buy now." Most people will not be likely to repin promotional pins, and your pin stays forever on Pinterest. In one month your product might not have a discount or the price might change in a year.

What tool to use on Pinterest?

Because you need to pin often on Pinterest (25-100 times per day) I like to use Tailwind to schedule my pin. This tool allows me to easily schedule my pins without spending hours on Pinterest.


I don't want to discourage you but did you know that every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter? Of course, you could want to just close your Twitter account and give up or you could learn better strategies to make your Tweets my appealing and visible. Adding an image to your tweet is a very smart way to get your most important content noticed.

What to post on Twitter?

Try to share different types of post this will help you gain more followers. You can share your blog posts (older or newer), share a tip related to your blog/business, ask questions, recommend one of your favorite business tools or favorite books.

Find your audience on Twitter

If you want to be successful on Twitter, stop using random hashtags. To find the right hashtags, take a look at what hashtags similar people in your niche use. You can use a tool like that provide you with a list of 10 hashtags of any user. Simply type the Twitter user and you will see which hashtags they are using.

What to do on Twitter?

Engage with people who share your posts is probably one of the most neglected strategy but one of the most profitable. Everytime that someone shares my content using my @nametag I sent them a thank you note. From that simple thank you note, most people will decide to follow me or be more inclined to share my content down the road.

What to avoid on Twitter?

On Twitter thinks moving fast, you need to post often to increase the chance your ideal client interact with your content. Don't forget to spread your tweets throughout the day instead than posting them all in once. One of the most common mistakes I see on Twitter is people not engaging with each other. Don't just share a Tweet and leave, engage, ask questions and be helpful.

What tool to use on Twitter?

I love using Hootsuite free tool to schedule my content. Every Sunday I spend 30 minutes on scheduling my content for the week. Even if I use a scheduling tool, every day I spend some time engaging with my followers and retweet content that I came across.


I have to admit that I no longer use Instagram. Remember I told you to choose 2-3 platforms and to master those instead of being anywhere. This is exactly what I did a couple months ago. I decide to remove myself from this platform because I didn't have the time to truly be present and to create an Instagram account that I will be proud of. This doesn't mean that I will never be on Instagram, this just means that I'm not on this platform right now. Even if I'm not active anymore on Instagram I still think this can be an excellent platform for visual blogger (web design, Etsy shop owner, food blogger etc)

What to post on Instagram?

I see so many people sharing personal photos on Instagram and neglecting the business side. Don't just share personal pictures because what's the point of having your blog on Instagram if you don't try to gain new readers.

Look for your audience on Instagram

To find your audience, you need to use the right hashtag. Check out what hashtags people in the same niche are using. Maybe you’ll discover new hashtags. Use hashtags that use often as well as more specific hashtags.

What to do on Instagram?

The main strategy on Instagram is to use high-quality pictures. Don't take a random picture with poor light and expect to gain a lot of followers.

What to avoid on Instagram?

One thing that I hate on Instagram and I'm not the only one is people who follow you and unfollow if you don't follow back. This is not a good strategy to gain more followers. Only follow an account that you truly care not matter if they follow you back or not.


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