10 ways to promote your facebook group

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10 ways to promote your facebook group

Did you know that there are over 620 million Facebook groups? I was so shocked when I found out. Even with an insane amount of Facebook groups, I still believe that everyone can create a thriving community.

If you host a Facebook group, you’ve  probably wondered how to gain more members and where to promote your group. I was in the exact  situation, not long ago when I started my own group.

The first couple weeks are the hardest when it comes to gaining members and driving engagement. Not many people want to join a group with only a few members.

After the first month, I only had 69 members in my group. Now, I am easily adding 50-150 members every week.

The main reason why my group grows so rapidly is that I had a good foundation from the start.

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1. Strong foundation

Choose the right name

Your group name is extremely  important if you want your group to be easily found on the Facebook search bar. You need to use a name that is relevant to your audience and includes a keyword that they will look for. For my Facebook group, I used the keywords “blogger” and “online business” because these are two keywords that I expect my audience will search for.

Complete the description

The description of your group is another important aspect especially if you have a closed Facebook group. People will not be able to see what's inside  until they are accepted to the group which means you should give them the best description as possible. It is also important to give your group some direction on what type of discussions are allowed in order to maintain a friendly community.

Here are some examples of what to include in your description:

  • Who you are
  • What the group is for
  • Who the group is for (and who it’s not for)
  • Your rules and guidelines
  • Weekly events

2. Promote your group

Now that you have a good foundation for your Facebook group is time to promote your group.

Post your group link to all your social media profiles

Don't just create a post or a tweet but also add your Facebook group link in your social media profile. Post a link to your Facebook profile, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube... The more your share your Facebook group link, the greater the  chance you will gain new members.

Pin a post to your Facebook page or Twitter account.

This is a simple step but can very effective. Every week, I have people that land on my Facebook fan page that ask to join my Facebook group. Most of them find my group from the post I pinned on my Facebook page. You can do the same on your Twitter account.

Send an email to your list and invite them to join your group.

You can also add your Facebook group link in your welcome email when people sign up for your freebie. If you have a lot of subscribers on your email list this can easily add hundreds of people to your group.

Share your Facebook on your blog

This has probably been the  most effective strategy to help me grow my group. At the end of every post, I share a link to join my Facebook group. Most people that scroll all the way to the end of my blog post are the people who enjoy reading my content and those people will be more inclined to join my Facebook group.

Add the group to your resources page

You can also add the group to your resources page. In fact, you can add a link to your Facebook group to almost any page. If your Facebook group is specific to your audience and your blog niche, people will want to join.

Thank you page

When people subscribe to your email list, you can automatically send them to a thank you page and invite them to join your Facebook group. This can be a very powerful strategy if you have a lot of subscribers.

Promote your group on every social media platform

Don't just send a tweet that says "Join my Facebook group". That's boring and most people will not join the group. Instead, share why you started the group, why it's such a great community or more information about an interesting discussion that happened inside the group.

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Use Twitter to grow your group

In my first month hosting  my group, I was using Twitter to grow my audience. For every single person that followed  my Twitter account and who  was a good fit for my group, I sent a private message to invite them to join my group. Some ignored my message, but many would take the time to thank me for the invitation and check it out. If you choose this strategy, don't use an automated message, instead send them a personal invite and be sure to address them by using their name. This will be more effective than a "one size fits all" message.

Ask your members to invite their friends

Ask and you shall receive. If you have a great community, people will be happy to share your group with  their friends or network.

There are  so many ways to grow  your Facebook group. Hopefully, these tips will help you gain more members to your group. Note that not everyone will grow their Facebook group at  the same pace. The important takeaway is that you should create a group that your community enjoys and a great place to connect.

I want to know what you like the most about your own Facebook group, so please drop it in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!


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