8 reasons why every business should have a blog

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A couple of years ago, when I started my first local business, I didn't believe in the power of blogging. I thought that blogging was a big waste of time and that only bloggers needed a blog :) I stay in that state of mind until I have did some research on how to grow my business using online marketing. I soon realized what I was missing. I have now used the power of blogging for all my businesses. Let me share some of the reasons why you should start a blog.

A blog help you reach higher in search engine optimization (SEO)

This reason alone should make you want to start a blog. Imagine having consistently a thousand, five thousand or even ten thousands of visitors every month that land on your website. Did you know that most people only look at the first five websites of the search engine? Not only your ideal client will have more chance to come to your site, but Google rank higher websites that regularly create new relevant content. The more great content you send out into the world, the more chance you have that people find your website. To increase your SEO, the most important part is to blog on your own website. You don't want increase a blog platform higher on a search engine; you want to blog on your own domain.

blog on your website

If you want to learn how to rank blog post higher in search engine read the SEO for blogger.

Be seen as professional

People that land on your website will see you as an expert in your field. They will look at all the value you give on your blog and will want to benefit even more of your experience by hiring you. A study shows that small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog. (Source: Writtent) Think about it, many experts in your field have a blog. Some prefer using video-blog, some use podcasts as a form of blogging, and other prefer writing a blog on their website. The key is to give valuable information to your ideal client.

Great way to bring people from your social media platform to your website

Having a blog will help you bring your followers from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to your website. You probably know how hard it's to bring followers to look at your offers or even to like a post you create for your social media platforms. People will be more likely to click or share a post that they found value in it.

Your voice

Having a blog will give you a great platform to share information with your followers about subjects that matter to you and them. A blog is a great place to share your personal journey, why you start a business, new information about your industry, a product that you test or answering the most common question you get.

Build conversation

Blogging can be an excellent way to create with potential clients. People may have questions or comments after reading your blog post. This can be an excellent way to build conversations with them. Make sure you reply to all comments!

Cost-effective marketing strategy

Having a blog is a very cost-effective long-term marketing strategy. Unless you are in an industry that change often, most of your blog post should stay relevant and generate visitors in regular basis. Blogging should also cost you close to nothing. If you have a website, most template (on Squarespace and WordPress) have an easy system that allows you to blog on your site.

Gives you insight into your audience

By using blog analytics, you have the possibility to track which subjects people read the most, which links they click on, shares and comments.  If you use Squarespace, click on "Analytics" and "popular content", you have a real insight of your blog posts traffic.

Squarespace analytics

Helps you stay ahead of your competitions

By only blogging a couple of times during the year, you will be way ahead of your competitions. You don't have to blog every day, only choose how often you want a blog (every day, three times a week, once a week) and STICK TO IT. Consistency is the key to gain results. I prefer you write a blog post once a week, but give quality content that you blog every day, but give no value to your reader.

Please share your blog journey! Have you started a blog already? What result did you have from blogging? I want to hear from you.


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